The ELITE Community 
Resource Center, Inc.


The Elite Community Resource Center, Inc.

The purpose of The ELITE Community Resource Center, Inc. is to provide food and clothing distribution programs, homeless intervention programs, missions, biblically based counseling and other faith-based activities concerning Christian family living.  Also creating job-training programs and providing spiritual counseling to persons struggling with drug, alcohol and other substance-related addictions. 

To build up and strengthen the youth within communities, through a plan of action that will assist young mothers and fathers as well as help teens make the right choices.  To build a computer lab that will provide instruction for the men and women who will be going back to work or who are interested in starting a new career.  To institute a Literacy Program for those can’t read.  To provide career mentoring to help teens select a future career path.

Life Skills

The Elite Community Resource Center, Inc. assignment is for one to see and develop oneself as a healthy whole person.  Leaving one to know that life is an act of balance in body, mind, and spirit.

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