The ELITE Community Resource Center, Inc.

Antoinette M. Butler founder and CEO of The Elite Community Resource Center, Inc. Desiring to help others to stop and think about the miracle that they are as an intricate and beautiful creation. A complex weave of physical structure and functions, emotional tendencies, mental aptitudes, and spiritual capacities leading one to believe that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Uniquely fashioned as God’s handiwork and more than just a physical body; one of body, mind, and spirit. To remind that each part is important, and in order for that person to function at his/her best, all three must flow together.

Columbia College
Bachelor's Degree
Business Administration

Author: "Dreams That Speak" "Prepare Me"
Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate

Life Coach
Spiritual Advisor
Motivational Speaker
[email protected]
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Dr. Antoinette M. Butler